select a graphic design movement to research

choose one of the art/design movements of the 20th century and write a report that further explores its key artists, important works, and stylistic hallmarks. Movements from the lecture include:

Art Nouveau

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De Stijl




International Typographic Style (Swiss Style)

New York School


In researching your topic, use the timelines provided in the lecture or any others found online or in books to explore key dates and names. Research these further to develop a thorough understanding of the major artists and designers, historical trends, politics, and so on, that shaped the movement. Keep a list of your resources for presentation at the end of your report.

Writing Your Report

Your report should be approximately 1,000 words and presented in PDF format. You must support the report with at least three historical images (scanned from books or sourced on the Web) included in the PDF to illustrate key works in the movement.

Your report should be an investigation that explores the major artists and designers within that movement, who their creative influences were, what was happening politically/historically during that time period, and what inspires you about their work.