social work at the macro level global warming an environmental crisis

An effective social worker is an informed social worker. The power of knowledge is a cardinal tool to unlock the door of ignorance and a resource to facilitating successful intervention and social action for positive change. The pursuit of Social Justice is within the realm of a global citizen and the call to duty as outlined in the NASW code of ethics.

For this week’s discussion, we will shift gear to do something different but critical and within the scope of social work at the macro level.

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Read the articles/reports, watch the videos on the current breaking news report of the United Nations (UN) on Global Warming; and review the materials from multiple other sources on environmental justice issues. The links are attached below. After reading the reports, watching the videos, and listening the audios, answer the following questions:

  1. What will the social ramifications of such a catastrophe on the human race especially the vulnerable population (women, children, poor, elderly, homeless, etc.,)?
  2. What will be the economic ramifications on the vulnerable groups and humankind in general?
  3. What will be the geopolitical ramifications on our world as we know it today?
  4. Within the scope of pursuing environmental and social justice, as well as public health necessity, what social actions and strategic plans can social workers initiate and implement to address this issue of global warming and climate change and its devastating effect on our world and its people, especially the most vulnerable?
  5. Do you think the US government has done enough or is doing enough to address this problem? What must change to make a positive impact?
  6. Share your reflections on global warming and its effect on our environment and the human race, especially the most vulnerable.

Note: Some of the articles/reports contain the same information but presented in a different way. Considering the University is closed and not sure how long the closure will last due to the incremental weather (signs of global warming), and the extent of the assignment/readings, I have given you extended date to complete this assignment.