sociology of race ethnicity field report essay

Extra Credit – Field Report

This project is designed so that you can experience firsthand how an organization confronts issues regarding class, race, ethnicity, or gender. The field participation report will require you to participate in an organization meeting or action (protest, tabling, etc.) in Los Angeles that is attempting to solve a social problem related to any of these issues. You will write up a report on your activity with the student organization or non-campus affiliated organization and turn in this report no later than the beginning of the last day of lecture. Feel free to turn in the assignment earlier if you choose. I will not be taking any papers after the due date. This field report must be in paragraph form and be no more than 5 pages. The paper must also be double-spaced, size 12 print, and Times New Roman font with standard margins. Deviations from the requirements will result in deducted points. Be sure to properly cite material taken from organization pamphlets, websites, and other sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. A directory of student organizations can be found here:

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There are several points you must address in your report:

1. Clearly define all the organization(s) involved and the social problem(s) they are trying to solve.

2. Provide the time and setting of the event.

3. Demographics (number of people, age, race, gender) of participants? Are all groups treated equally within the organization? Or are there differences in the roles of women or some other groups in the organization?

4. What happened during the meeting or action? Describe the order of events chronologically.

5. How are they attempting to alleviate the social problem(s)? Do you think their strategy is going to succeed? Why or why not? 6. Describe the division of labor within the organization (i.e. non-hierarchal or clear division with club officers)? Is it functional? 7. Are any symbols used to communicate in-group solidarity? If so, what are they? How do they label their adversaries?