sociology writing 13

☐Define sociology in your own words

☐Identify two strengths of sociology

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☐Identify two weaknesses of sociology

☐Identify three ways you see sociology informing your life. You may consider how sociology will inform your academic studies, personal relationships, identity, politics or anything else.

☐As you answer the four bullet points above, reference the readings from this unit to support the position you are writing. In your essay, you must reference three readings in total (not three readings for each of the bullets points, but three readings in total). For each reference to a reading, include a brief summary of that reading (two to three sentences), an explanation of how the reference supports your position (two to three sentences) and a citation (in whatever format works for you).

For example, if you choose to reference the chapter by Deegan, you should write a few sentences summarizing Deegan’s essay, a few sentences explaining why it supports the position you are writing, and a citation.