some questions about psychology

Please follow the materials to finish this work. The material is already upload.

The Lecture 8/ chapter 9 is about Maslow’s Theory.

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The Lecture 9/ chapter 10 is about Rogers’s Theory.

The Lecture 10/ chapter 12 is about Skinner’s Theory.

For lecture 10:

Four techniques:

stimulus avoidance (e.g., you leave your dorm to go study at the library because your roommate’s music is annoying you)

self-administered satiation (e.g., overdoing something to try to “get it out of your system,” such as chain smoking to the point of disgust if you want to try to quit smoking)

adverse stimulation techniques (e.g., telling everyone that you want to do really well this semester and actually doing it to avoid everyone coming down hard on you for not trying)

self-reinforcement (e.g., buying something nice for yourself for getting an A in a difficult course)