sustainable food amp bioenergy systems eat montana

The purpose of this project is to gain empathy for what it means to source and eat a diet comprised

of entirely local food. Through this project, you will eat and drink ONLY Montana-produced

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products for 48 hours. You will document everything that you eat and drink for the entire project

period, and do a brief report on your findings. You must upload this report to the appropriate D2L

assignment folder.


You must follow the parameters below and write down everything that you eat and drink for 2 full


1. All products must be produced (grown or raised) in Montana. Items that are only cooked or

processed here or that contain non-Montana ingredients do not count (i.e. the deli food at

the Co-op doesn’t count if it contains an item that was grown/raised outside of Montana).

2. You may use items that you previously purchased, as long as they meet all requirements.

3. Tap water is Montana-produced however, coffee is not.

4. Free items such eggs from your neighbor’s chickens, wild game hunted in Montana or items

that you forage (like herbs or wild edible plants) are fair game.

5. Condiments and spices must also be entirely Montana-produced


The assignment report should be typed (double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, one inch margins)

and be approximately 3 pages in length, including your chart (see below for chart instructions).

Your report should include the following sections:

  • Overview/Summary of Experience
  • Section on planning/strategy
  • Description of actual experience – what happened?
  • Results (chart goes in this section – see details below)
  • Discussion
  • Chart of Local Items Eaten

    Create a completed chart with the following categories:

  • Food/beverage item and portion size
  • Purchase/procurement location
  • Production location (town in Montana)
  • Price (approximate if item was something you already had)
  • Total cost of food/beverages for 2 days
  • See the attachment for answering the questions and the whole assignment is explained