the documentation worksheet and the proposal worksheet be sure to work on the correct worksheet as indicated in the instructions

Excel,follow the instructions below.

The county commission of Ralston County is proposing to create an annual youth conference and fair, which would offer leadership and technology training as well as opportunities for the local youth to make new friends and share skills. Outside corporations and government agencies at all levels of government would be able to purchase vendor space to promote their products and/or recruit students for employment. To do this, the County will need to sign a long-term lease for a large 30-acre piece of property, and construct a moderate size convention complex on that property. The convention facilities will be built out over a 20-year period. This will require substantial startup costs, which they hope to recoup through student registration fees, vendor registration fees and vendor sponsorship fees. Before agreeing to this project, the County needs to do a first-level estimate of whether this venture will be worthwhile doing, from a financial perspective.
This workbook has 2 worksheets: the Documentation worksheet (for the history of this workbook) and the Proposal worksheet. Be sure to work on the correct worksheet as indicated in the instructions.
You should use cell references in all formulas – do not re-enter data.
Refer to the images provided at the end of this document to verify your results.
You MUST use Excel’s Fill – Series features to do the extrapolation and interpolation steps. You may not use formulas.

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