the internal analyses for square inc

The Internal analyses for Square Inc.

1. Identify the firm’s business models.

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-> How does the firm make money?

2. Use the Appraisal Framework for Resources and Capabilities to evaluate your firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Use the Blue Ocean Strategy industry canvas to compare your firm with its competitors.

You need to collect extensive data – secondary and primary – to finish this work. Some resource example:

– SEC 10-K filings

– Yahoo! Finance

Format: 8 double-spaced pages long, with a font type of Time New Roman and a font size of 12. APA format. Cite all the resource

Please do a lot of research and analysis deeply about Square Inc.

You DO NOT need to write a brief introduction about the firm, just start identify the firm’s business models directly. And then follow the guideline above.

Providing an PPT about Blue Ocean Strategy and a book call Blue Ocean Strategy. Also providing a textbook you might use.