this is an research proposal essay requires lots of reading

This Research essay proposal requires close reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Sign Of Four” and two other secondary reference works which I provided in the additional materials. If the writer doesn’t like this two, please contact me to provide other reference works. I will put structure details in additional materials. And there are 4 topics to choose. If the writer need me to provide E-Book for “The Sign Of Four” please contact me. Since this assignment requires lots of readings, I can pay extra to writer in order to get a good work. Our professor is very tough, we must follow the structure that she provided us. I did a very poor job in previously two assignments. So please help me to get a great mark. This assignment is a research essay proposal for our final research essay(1500 words), so If I get a good mark on this, I wish to have the same writer help me to write the final essay! Please! Save me from this course!

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