toulmin argument 1

Essay 2: Toulmin Argument

This essay is an argument. Your argument must follow the Toulmin Model and be supported by evidence from the sources you collect.

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Essay 2 must include the following:


1. Introduction: This includes a General Statement (very general statement about the overall topic), Supporting Details, and an Argumentative Thesis Statement. Your introduction must be at least five sentences in length.


2. A minimum of 3 complete Body Paragraphs: Include 1 topic sentence in the form of a supporting claim/qualifier, supporting details (evidence/data, warrant), and a concluding sentence in each paragraph.

3. Use transitions to connect the previous evidence/data and warrant to the next piece of evidence.

4. A transition sentence that connects one piece of evidence/data and warrant to the next will be needed to show logic/reasoning. This sentence will help the reader understand how the evidence connects and builds upon previously discussed information.

5. Be sure to use various writing techniques (use at least 3 different writing techniques per body paragraph in addition to paraphrasing, summarizing and the occasional framed quote) and transitions to indicate the type of technique in your supporting details. Examples of writing techniques can be found on pp. 71-76 of the Writing Technique attachment. Pay special attention to description, definition, analogy, process, cause and effect as well as compare and contrast. Some of the examples for writing techniques are quite long- use your best judgment for length by applying what we discussed in class. Limit personal narrative and narrative to ONE each, if you choose to use them. Also, consider the length of the personal narrative and narrative- 7-10 sentences is sufficient in an argument. Personal narrative cannot be used as evidence. It typically used as a warrant to explain data/evidence presented in a real world setting.

6. At least two counterclaims and rebuttals must be used but are not required in each paragraph. Cite your sources for both.

7. REMINDER: All sentences in the body of your essay must be one of the following: 1) Topic Sentence (supporting claim), 2) Qualifier, 3) Writing Technique, 4) Summary, 5) Framed Quote (quotes should not be more than 5% of an essay), 6) Paraphrase, 7) Explanation of Evidence/Warrant (combined with a writing technique), 8) Transition Sentence, 9) Counterclaim, 10) Rebuttal, and 11) Concluding Sentence.

8. Consider paragraph length. If your paragraph goes over ¾ of a page you may want to consider creating a new paragraph to discuss the remaining sub-topic(s). While the instructions state 3 body paragraphs- you can have more than 3 just not less.


9. Conclusion: This mirrors your introduction and synthesizes the information in your paper. Your conclusion must be a minimum of five sentences.


10. Include a chart or graph as evidence/data. You will first introduce the purpose of the chart you are using and establish the credibility of the chart and/or source. After the chart is shown, describe the specific information in the chart. Then explain the meaning of the information and connect the information to your supporting claim. This is the warrant.

11. A minimum of ten sources is required (10 articles/websites + 1 picture/image + 1 chart/graph/table). Include a reference page. You can have up to 3 figures. Cite the sources you selected in MLA format. All sources must be cited in text AND on the works cited page.

12. Format: All papers must be typed font size 12-point Times New Roman. Use MLA formatting. The Final essay must be 1,500-1,750 words in length.