two student 1


We are two student want two essay

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Each student have different topic to write about

We are going by the firs letter of the last name so I want you to but the student letter on the header

I will send you all chapter name told me what chapter you thing you can use and I will send it to you. We should use at less 1 reference from this chapter and say (according to chapter # and the name of the chapter)

We cannot use outside references

I want 1.5 pages for each student and half a paper response for other student I well send it you when you done with the essay so total of 2 pages for each student (4 pages each)

I want you to send me the both essay in 3 days so I can give you the other student essay to write half a page about it as response

Please read all the information that in the zip folder especially the one in red color

Thank you