unit 8 graded practice and quiz

Unit 8 MSL Graded Practice

Follow the instructions below to access the unit Lab Homework

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1. Click on Content

2. Below Unit 10, Click on MyStatLab

3. Click on MyStatLab All Assignments

4. Click on the corresponding Unit # Lab Graded Practice

For the MSL Graded Practice, you will work with problems that will help you to understand forecasting.

Many students have reported that by starting on the graded practice the first day of the unit they have been able to easily earn perfect scores. This is because MSL allows you to practice and learn the new concepts throughout the unit because you can repeat each problem as many times as you wish. The entire MSL Graded Practice does not have to be completed all in one sitting. You are welcome to leave and reenter the program several times throughout the unit as needed. You may find it helpful to break the graded practice up attempting a few questions each day instead of all in one sitting.

Within the MSL Graded Practice, you will find several excellent support resources, including a solved example for each problem, extra help solving each problem, and a direct link to the textbook section containing examples about that problem type.

This graded practice offers excellent practice and will help you to prepare for the Quiz.