week 8 workout 3 assignments


Assignment A/1 – Earthquakes and Sensors: Experiencing Earthquake Motion in Three Directions

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Complete the “Earthquakes and Sensors” worksheet, attached to post.


Assignment B/2 – Plate Tectonics Area Paper


Choose one of the following areas of the United States, which experiences significant volcanic activity, earthquake activity, or both: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, or Yellowstone National Park. However, be aware that if you choose to do Hawaii or Yellowstone, these areas are not at plate boundaries and are instead hot spots in the middle of plates. They are still OK to do for this paper, but they are not found at plate boundaries, which is one of the main topics of this paper.

Write at least a 700-word paper in which you describe how the region you selected applies to the theory of plate tectonics. Include the following:

  • Describe the theory of plate tectonics and the various types of plate boundaries.
  • Discuss the main movement within plate tectonic theory that influences the location and intensity of earthquakes and/or volcanoes for the area you chose.
  • Provide examples of specific volcanic eruptions and/or earthquakes that occurred in your selected region in the past
  • Describe the various types of rocks that these geological events formed or disrupted. For example, if you discuss volcanic activity, discuss the type of rocks that were formed during eruptions. If you discuss earthquakes as a result of faulting, discuss examples of rock that have been offset by faults in the area.

Include an introduction that introduces the main points of the paper, and conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper.

Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure as you compose your paper.

Include citations and references from at least two sources in your paper, even if you paraphrase.

Title your paper appropriately. Do not use the word “paper” in your title.

Format your paper consistent with either APA or MLA guidelines.


Assignment C/3 – Shake Out Scenario


Complete the “ShakeOut_Earthquake_Scenario_Lab.pdf” attached to post.

There is a attached document for information as well – ShakeOut_Earthquake_Senario.pdf


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