what is contingency management from the behavioral perspective

Learning Activity #4: Contingency Management Presentation

Explore one outside academic reference beyond your course textbook, Bible and dictionary to include in your power point.

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oDevelop a 6-10 PowerPoint slide deck that describes the basic principles and application of contingency management.

oTo achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:

¾Define contingency management from the behavioral perspective.

¾ Outline the 4 primary aims of this approach, and identify each of the six basic steps.

¾Highlight research applications of contingency management from the behavioral approach specifically noting how it can benefit your and surrounding communities.

¾Summarize impressions of what you have researched as the author of this assignment and how does this affect your Christian Worldview?

¾Have at least one academic resource in your presentation beyond the course textbook, Bible and dictionary.

¾Be sure to include animations and pictures/clip art in your slide deck (video links are optional).

oEnsure that your slide deck includes a title slide and Reference slide if supporting sources are used.

oAPA formatting is only required for citing sources and references.