what is shadow day

Shadow Day/Interview

Select a salesperson within any company.The interview should take approximately 30-45 minutes, depending upon their answers to your questions.To shadow a salesperson, you may need to follow him/her to morning appointments or visit him/her in the office.Time spent should be equivalent to time necessary to get an idea about what they do.Appropriate candidates are those who are in Relationship Selling positions (i.e. real estate sellers, financial advisors, insurance sellers, account executives, sales managers, etc.)Please do not choose someone in retail unless they sell product lines to resellers.

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Once the interview is completed, type a 3-4 page double-spaced, formal paper, with cover sheet, including any additional comments you have relating to your experience.These will be shared in class.These should be typed in a formal paper format, with cover sheet—NOT question and answer.


1.What is your current job title?

2.Name of the firm, department

3.How long have you been in sales?

4.What is/are your background/credentials?

5.What are your job responsibilities?(prospecting, sales calls,follow-up, correspondence, service etc. and approximate time devoted to each aspect)

6.What is the most difficult part of the job?The easiest?The part you like the most?

7.Who are your primary customers? (types of companies, individuals)Who do you sell to?

8.What skill(s) do you feel will be the key to success in sales in the future?

9.What words of advice would you offer to new grads?

10. What qualities would lead you to hire one applicant over another following a job interview?

11.Are there any sales positions that have growth prospects in the next decade?Or where do you see growth areas occurring in sales?

12.What are the salary ranges and perks for new hires in your industry?

13.Any other questions you want to know.

14. Concluding paragraph (include what you learned from this assignment)