what is the domestic architecture covered

  • Choose one domestic architecture covered in lecture from 3/26 (or seen in lecture videos).
  • Furthering your research, write a paragraph and include relative information about the artist or ancient civilization, describe its exterior and interior architectural elements, cultural aesthetics, and what about this particular architecture inspired you.
  • Using key elements from the chosen architecture, recreate a modern version of this home into something you will live in. For example, if you chose Catal Huyuck, recreate one living space using the original design and materials; sitting area, working area, sleeping area, made out of mud and plaster, etc.
  • Neatly draw (or use an illustrating system) a floor plan on the front side of a blank sheet of paper (printer paper is just fine) that clearly explains the layout of your home- include labels and colors.
  • Write a second paragraph describing the interior and exterior layout of your home; must include architectural elements, your personal/cultural aesthetics, and how it was inspired by the original house.
  • Copy (or type, print, and glue) written paragraphs onto the backside of the floor plan.
  • Submit hard copy in class 4/4!


Floor plan with color/ labels: 25 points

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Written summary (at least 2 paragraphs): 50 points