what lesson did you learn from these serial killers are they organized or disorganized how can we prevent it from happening again

You will be required to complete a research paper based on the required Vronsky book. After reading the book, you must identify ten important lessons learned. For each lesson, you must:

  • Describe the lesson and its implications fully – what is the lesson, how does it show itself, what does it mean?
  • How this lesson is of use to investigators
  • Identify a serial killer who fits the lesson, explaining why you say so and give examples to support your stance. Avoid using the example provided by the author. The Moor Killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Important research paper grading notes for you to consider:

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  • Excessive brevity will not work in your favor. Details, elaboration and in-depth analysis is expected.
  • Remember this is a 300 level class. As a result, you are expected to do more than repeat and regurgitate information. Critical analysis is expected.
  • Research beyond the book is necessary to help with the investigation and serial killer components. Multiple credible sources are required.
  • APA format with in-text citations and verifiable references are required.

10 serial killers from the book !!!