who truly is greater michael jordan or lebron james

Assignment Description:

In our everyday lives, we use comparison and contrast all the time. Have you ever made a pro/con list to help you make an important decision? Have you ever discussed the strengths and weaknesses of two teams or two players before a game or match? Comparison and contrast is not only something we practice in our daily lives, but it is also important in academic writing. Scholars frequently find themselves comparing and contrasting scholarly ideas, concepts, and journal articles.

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The authors of your textbook explain the process of comparing and contrasting quite clearly: “When comparing two subjects, you focus on similarities; when contrasting, you focus on differences” (118). While the process of comparing and contrasting might seem fairly simple, one of the challenges of composing a comparison/contrast essay is organization. Be sure to refer to the outlines on p. 118 to help you compose your own essay.

Successful students have written on some of the following topics:

  • Comparison of sports teams or types of sports
  • Comparison of lifestyle choices (vegetarian, vegan, omnivorous, etc.)
  • Comparison of types of bullying
  • Comparison of sports equipment, shoes, etc.
  • Comparison of career choices/paths
  • Comparison of major areas of study

You are not limited to a topic from this list, but be sure that you choose a topic you can write on without needing to do much research.

Purpose: Compare and contrast

Audience: Peers/classmates

Assignment Requirements:

2-3 pgs.

MLA Formatting:


Times New Roman

12pt font