why is it important to save the rainforest what will happen if we do not

You are a member of Topher White’s Rainforest Connection (RFCx). You would like to get the high school students invovled in doing a local project that will help preserve the global rainforests.

Write a memo to a school district. Asking for permission to distribute posters about the RFCx project on the high school campuses as well as permission to distribute collection boxex for old cell phones.

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Format: one page, single space

Introduction: stating who you are, your purpose for writing. you should explain briefly the need for rainforests as an important to climate change.

DIscussion: provide some background information in which you briefly disscuss

1/ why it is important to save the rainforests, and what will happen if we don not (give at least two reasons.)

2/ Explain how Topher White’s system actually helps preserve the forests. He rigids a cell phone to stay charged by solar cells, then attaches an extra microphone, and listen. From there, the device can detect the sounds of chainsaws nearly a mile away to detect illegal activities by loggers.

Conclusion: in which you persuade for the important of high school students to understand the need for sustainalbe forests and become active in combating climate change. also refer to a copy of the attacched poster that you would like to post on the campuses.

Beclear about the audience you are writing to, the subject of the memo, and the purpose for writing this memo to superintendent.

The assignment has two parts: one page memo and a poster.

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