wise black history month talk

Hey everyone! I just got out of the Tim Wise Black History Month talk; I hope some of you were able to check it out as well. If you did, you can use that lecture as a basis upon which to write an extra credit paper. Check out the extra credit paper link for more information on what you’ll need to write. Just sub in the talk for the video linked in the description.


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This paper should be at least 3 pages, double spaced, with correct spelling and grammar, one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. The papers will be due one week after you watched the video. All papers must be submitted through our Canvas course. The last day to turn in extra credit assignments will be the last regular class day of the quarter.

This paper will be graded according to the following: brief summary (10%); reaction (5%); application to course material (85%). For this video and article specifically, you will also need to address the future of race and ethnicity in America and the potential for change. Do you think think racism will disappear as America becomes increasingly multi-racial and multi-ethnic?

*Application should be the bulk of the paper

This paper will be worth up to 15 points. You are only allowed one attempt. These points are added onto a student’s total points for the course. No late work will be accepted without a pre-approved reason.