writing about art history please read what i post carefully

must be four to five pages, doubled spaced, in your own words!!!! If I feel that you just cut and pasted information you found off the Internet you will get a ZERO for your grade. I want to hear YOU talking back to me about the following subject: Throughout this course we will be talking about many different art movements, including,The Baroque, Neoclassicism,Romanticism,Realism,Impressionism,Post Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism,Dada, Surrealism,Abstraction,Pop Art,Photography, just to name a few.

I would like you to chose three different art movements, chose a particular artist and one or two of their artworks, and say why you like this art movement. Does it speak to you? Does it stimulate you? Does it bring you peace of mind? Does it make you ponder the meaning of life?Does it make you laugh? Do you feel a sense of wonder that something so amazing was created to make you think about everyday Life and our existence ?These are just some of things great art should make you feel.

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You can write more then five pages if you feel up to it, but it must be in your own words. This is very important to me when I am grading the papers. Any questions please feel free to ask me.You can use your textbook to chose the artist and the art movement you like, but do not quote information from the textbook back at me. I want to hear your own ideas and observations.

I Do NOT need something from the internet, I need your own words.