writing assignment jwu

My food justice problem is focus on discuss about the: GMOs and food security in China

Word count: 350

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Writing requirement:

1) In defining your food justice problem, did any of your sources propose solutions or courses of action to address the issue? If so, what were they, and what did you think of their potential efficacy and/or practicality? Be sure to explain your response.

  • Note: if no sources offered any potential solutions to the issue (unlikely, but not impossible), let us know that, and then explain why you think that was the case. What makes your issue particularly challenging, or at least difficult to apply courses of action/solutions to?

2) If you had to plan a course of action that responds to the food justice issue you defined in Essay #1, what would you suggest and why? Keep in mind that I’m aware that not all problems – particularly complicated ones – have true “solutions.” But there are almost always small or modestly effective ways to correct/react to/address/or otherwise act upon the knowledge we collect through research and writing. So, whether from the perspective of a country, a state, a community, a class, or even an individual, what do you recommend we do about the issue you wrote about in Essay #1?