you will write a paper over the outline that i will leave you its over drugs and you will need reference for the paper adding in stuff from my outline that i leave you

Save your paper as 1 document and include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Outline
  • Essay
  • Word count several returns after last line over minimum
  • Works Cited
  • Copies of required 3 sources

Your instructor may have additional requirements such as highlighting the quotes in both the essay and sources, copies of feedback, and/or printing the final.

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nclude your word count from the introduction to the close a few lines after your last sentence aligned on left. Put your word count over the minimum required for this major paper. Ex: 1298/1200. Keep in mind a paper under the required word count will affect your grade. If your word count goes on the next page, that is fine, but do not put the word count on the works cited page. Make the works cited page the next page. Also keep in mind if you are missing a required source, it will severely affect your grade.

4. Be sure you have closely edited and improved your paper for each stage and avoid errors from past papers. Check which Core Competencies you have not passed yet.

5. After you upload your document to the Compare/Contrast Final Paper Dropbox, go to a new tab like grades under Course Information. Then, come back to the dropbox to ensure your document properly uploaded. Click on it and open. Resubmit if needed.